Interior Protection.

At deluxcar we only offer the highest quality interrior protection technics , in our full equipped workshop.We will provide interior protection for your car interior fabric, carpet/leather and Vinyl. Wurtzite interrior protection products provide excellent and durable protection for your cars interior surfaces.

  1. Protects against life’s little “everyday accidents”
  2. Protects against stains on fabric, vinyl and leather surfaces caused by food and drinks such as water, coffee, soft drink and milk
  3. Prevents fading of all interior surfaces caused by the UV rays
  4. Prevents cracking and peeling of vinyl / leather surfaces caused by UV and heat
  5. Non-toxic formula
  6. Wurtzite T150 Trim Coat Super Hydrophobic Coating.  150° ( contact angle ) Water & Oil Reppelant for LEATHER –  VINYL – FABRIC – CARPET. T150 is an innovative one of a kind all in one interior coating.