Paint Protection Adelaide

We offer the latest in technology and practices in Paint Protection Adelaide. Wurtzite products combined together with paint correction achieve what is the pinnacle of a killer glass finish. Paint & Interior Protection for your vehicle from Adelaide market leaders will keep your car looking newer for longer.

What we use:

Wurtzite P85 Crystal Symmetry technology the latest development in paint protection all Wurtzite coatings have a unique structure that allows actual bonding adhesion to your car paint work.We apply a crystal glass coat ( hardness above 9h-10h Mohs ) layer over your car paint work and other surfaces to protect your car from the harshest elements.

P85 is the only 85% SiO2 Nano-ceramic coating on the market this means the active ingredient in P85 is 85% Sio2 solid content, unlike other brands on the market that contain 50% or less.The wax like gloss and above 9H-10H hardens can only be achieved with Wurtzite P85’s High solid content. Other brands tend to use toppers to enhance gloss the problem with this is they use non-permanent coatings that wash away. Sio2 coatings are not all created equal P85 uses a High Grade of Sio2 manufactured in Japan, P85 has a performance life of 10 years and has become the number one choice for professionals in the luxury car market internationally all backed by Wurtzite’s 10 year warranty for new cars, with no yearly inspections which our customers prefer.

What does Wurtzite P85 Paint protection protect against ?


Technical Data:

  • Permanent nanoceramic coating
  • Chemical Composition 85% High Grade SiO2
  • 15% Proprietary composite
  • Slick High Gloss Finish
  • Scratch Resistant ( hardness above 9h-10h Mohs )
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect(contact angle:110~120°)
  • Weather & UV Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance ( 750°C )
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Chemical Resistance ( from ph2 to ph13 )
  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant
  • UV Rays
  • Acid/Alkaline Rain
  • Mud & Dirt
  • Road Salt
  • Bird Dropping

deluxcar certified coating specialists in Wurtzite P85 the most technologically advanced treatments for your luxury car or family vehicle. Wurtzite products are for professional use only  installed by our trained coating technicians our services offer excellent value for money backed by Wurtzite 10 year warranty . Wurtzite P85 has become the number one choice for professionals in the luxury car market internationally . 



We’ve worked on thousands of cars in the Adelaide alone, why not have a look at our Google Reviews page and see just how deluxcar helps people daily.

Wurtzite P85 is the only 85% SiO2 on the market this means the active formula is 85% SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and 15% Proprietary composite other brands on the market contain 50% SiO2 or less. Company’s advertising 100% SiO2 formula’s are giving a false product description and misleading potential customers, if the formula was indeed 100% SiO2 that would mean the contents of the bottle would be a solid not a liquid and this is not possible for application.

Dont trust your car with just anyone! deluxcar MTA ( motor trade association ) APPROVED REPAIRER. We only have skilled trade persons that have undergone correct training. Wurtzite 10 year warranty for new cars with no maintenance inspections.